Torres del Paine voted 8th Wonder of the World

guanaco mountain2013 Patagonia  165-X2After four long months of voting, Torres del Paine National Park has been elected the 8th Wonder of the World.

In a prominent contest organized by, a TripAdvisor Media Group website. It was a fiercely competitive voting race, with participation by more than 330 destinations across 50 countries. Also among the top 10 were destinations from El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Slovenia, Mexico, Scotland, Belize and Croatia.

Secretary of Tourism, Daniel Pardo, commented on the park’s selection, “Torres del Paine has been celebrated worldwide for its natural beauty and landscapes. We always felt confident that it had the right qualities to earn recognition as the 8th Wonder of the World. We are delighted by this appointment and hope it will motivate more travelers and adventurers to discover Torres del Paine, as well as take advantage of Chile’s many other beautiful attractions.”

The main attraction of this National Park and Biosphere Reserve is its famous mountains which you have no doubt seen on hundreds of postcards of Chile.

Torres del Paine occupies 935 square miles, and features myriad trails and mountain peaks. The highest point reaches 9,462 feet. Last year the site attracted more than 139,000 hikers.

You will be pleasantly surprised by its hiking trails, which will take you through forests and by waterfalls and lakes with fantastic views of the snow capped Campo de Hielo Sur (Southern Ice Field).

Enjoy the 17 hours of daylight in summer, and do not miss the sunrise, when the horns of the Torres del Paine Massif turn purple and then red. Take a boat trip on Lake Grey to the glacier of the same name or paddle a kayak among enormous blue and white icebergs.

Kayak near ice

Torres del Paine is BlueGreen’s back yard and from our office base in Puerto Natales we have been organizing trips here for over 20 years. We can help you satisfy your wildest Patagonia dreams whether you are looking for a romantic honeymoon, a memorable outdoor family adventure or a cosy stay in an authentic estancia from which to explore the jaw dropping wonders on your doorstep.

Yendegaia Park, Tierra del Fuego!


Located in the rugged and spectacular Magallanes Region in southern Patagonia, Parque Nacional Yendegaia will comprise approximately 370,000 acres of glaciers, coast, rivers and forests thanks to a donation of roughly 94,000 acres by U.S. business magnate and environmentalist Doug Tompkins, as well as an additional 274,000 acres promised by the state.


Yendegaia national park will form a “bio corridor” between two other national parks, Tierra del Fuego in Argentina to the East and Alberto D’Agostini in Chile to the West.

President Sebastián Piñera officially inaugurated the park in January with a personal tour of the glacial Magallanes Region, home to the nation’s four southernmost provinces. The presidential tour was accompanied by an opening ceremony attended by the Tompkins to officiate the transference of their lands to the state reserve.


SERNATUR and Conaf will carry out a plan to develop tourism in this area by building a series of shelters and paths that will connect all the main attractions. 
It is an area covered with extensive ice fields, glaciers, fjords and channels with an abundance of vegetation and wildlife. These are a just a few of the animals you will be able to see: the red fox, leopard seals, elephant seals, Dominican seagulls and giant petrels.

Flights to Puerto Natales are back!

With the return of Sky Airline’s flights to Puerto Natales in Chile this season, you can almost take a trip to Patagonia for a long weekend. Contact us for more details.

First Torres del Paine Marathon


Torres del Paine Marathon

Getting the medal at the finish!

Last weekend (23rd September 2012) saw the very first Torres del Paine Marathon, organised by Nigsa. An amazing setting in which to run a marathon proved to be a tough one! Rough terrain and lots of hills accompanied by high winds and typical Patagonian weather.

Vicky, our newest member of staff, based in Puerto Natales ran the 42 kilometers. She told us all about it.”I was really nervous as it was my first marathon and, as I know the park well, I knew it would be tough. Arriving at the start, Puente Weber, the weather looked threatening, it could have gone either way, sun or snow! The forecast had been for snow, so I arrived with every single bit of kit I owned, just in case! Being my first marathon my goal was just to finish, I didn’t set any time limits. It was an amazing run, the scenery, the guanacos right there on the edge of the road munching away watching me, it was a fantastic experience.

The last 7kms were killers as the wind was against us and there are some short, steep hills to reach the finish, which was at Hostería Las Torres. But it was worth every step and I really enjoyed myself!”

Next year the race will take place on 28th September! Maybe we´ll see you on the start line!

Patagonian International Marathon

New flights from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia!

DAP Airline will flight from Punta arenas to Ushuaia twice a week:

Saturday: Departure from Punta Arenas at 9:00 and from Ushuaia at 11:00.

Mondays: Departure in Punta Arenas at 14:00 and from Ushuaia at 16:00.

The price will be from US$380 per person + taxes (approximately US$32)

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